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Our skilled trimmers are here for hire to trim and harvest your grow! We can be trusted and are more than ready to handle your top shelf flower!

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Our Services


LolliPopping / Defoliation

Lollipopping is the removal of unwanted undergrowth such as branches that are not growing healthy or that are producing larf. By spreading the larger branches we can penetrate to the core of the plant, allowing removal of undergrowth. If not removed, defoliation is impossible and bud growth will finick. The defoliation of cannabis or CBD is the removal of fan leaves multiple times before harvest, this is not to be confused with wet trimming. It is very important to defoliate to allow ambient light within the undergrowth which will promote healthy and larger bud sites, providing a higher yield.

Hand / Machine Dry Trimming / Hanging

Hand and Machine Trim plants into 4 categories, Big Buds, Little Buds, Processing, and Waste. Cut the colas then strip leaves into the sifting bin (most efficient for dry trimming). Machine Trim with Less crew and less delicacy to the end product a machine trim can optimize harvest efficiency and output.


Harvesting / Wet Trimming

Before harvesting, you must decide. If you would like to wet trim, then dry; harvest, then buck and dry; or harvest to hang dry for trimming at a later date.

Weighing / Reporting

Hanging / Drying /

Team leads confirm weights in bins of each individual trimmer, Weights totaled are then compared with facilities lead for sign-off. We are proficient in most seed-to-sell systems and do offer a full reporting and data entry service.

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